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Book update

Hello everyone,

I have some rather unfortunate news. My life has become quite busy lately and I have had to put the book on hold for the last couple months as I recently started a new job! The UDK continues to evolve with rather alarming speed and I am not sure that I can do justice to a subject that is evolving so rapidly. I feel that by the time my book was released, the UDK would be so far different that the book would feel rather limited.

I am currently evaluating other options. I feel that while a book may not be a wise choice, there may be other formats for sharing content with the public.

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Preview for my UDK book released!

Hello everyone! I have just released a preview for my book UnrealScript fundamentals for the UDK! You can view information about the book at this link:


Site overhaul

My site is finally getting an overhaul after a long period of inactivity!

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Shady HLSL Editor (Donald’s Branch) released

Alright so I am working on this project and I wanted the ability to preview HLSL pixel shaders for an XNA game. Shady seemed to fit the bill nicely but it was for XNA 2.0 (I am using XNA 3.1). Also the whole thing seemed a tad unstable and there were some features that I simply did not care for.

I decided that since the source was available that I would create my own branch for this editor and that way I could add all the functionality that I wanted (or needed). I wanted it to be separate in case the original author ever decided to update his program that my version wouldn't get confused for that version.

So after a few hours of work I have done the following:

1. I have revised the error checking. I have tested the editor and tried to make it crash. Anywhere it crashed I added additional error checking to make things a bit more stable.

2. One feature of the editor is this pulsing heart. I am not sure what it is used for (it does not appear to do anything O_o) and so I added an option to disable the heart because I thought that it would cause me to have a seizure.

3. Another feature that I decided to add was the option to not auto update the editor. If you click the main view port or click the refresh button (under the options tab) you can refresh the shader.

4. Other features include the ability to stretch an image and scrolling for the tab panes.

Here is a link to this editor:

Have fun and let me know what you think!

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A new site

I am currently testing a new site!

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